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I used to stare at Anna Getaneh in magazines. She was stunning and tall and beautiful- an international supermodel gracing the pages of ELLE and VOGUE and on the runway for CHANEL.

As an aspiring model, it gave me immense inspiration. Anna took her platform and used it to educate and empower. In 1997, she started a school in Addis Ababa in her beloved home of Ethiopia. She know’s education creates options and helps break the cycle of poverty. She began using her fashion business - African Mosaique - to fund her school and now it has expanded into a full fashion collective that houses and nurtures young talent from Africa. I’m ALL about this Anna!

I met Anna in Johannesburg several years ago and we share a mutual close friend. Anna opened her home and her boutique to me just as warmly as if I'd known her forever.

Using fashion to fund philanthropy isn’t a new idea but how Anna is doing it is refreshing! Kudos to you Anna - you are STILL an inspiration to us ALL!