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The best straw bags to get you through the rest of summer


The Lilleth Bag by CultGaia has me swooning! You know what it's like to travel in the summer and want to pack your straw bag and pray it doesn't get ruined on the way??!!...well this collapsible bamboo bag folds completely flat! On purpose!

Lilleth Bag

Due to popular demand, the Lilleth bag is available in multiple colors and finishes. I say, go with the classic bamboo!


These customizable tote bags are a great way to wear your mantra. They are large enough to use as a carry-on when traveling - they hold your laptop, tablet, and more. At the beach, you can over stuff it with your circle beach towel, unread magazines and all your essential snacks and Swell bottles.

**Extra tip - they make clutches too!

Rosie Assoulin is currently one of my wow-worthy designers to watch. The Brooklyn native never disappoints and her striped-woven straw jug bag continues the trend. This bag was inspired by the amphora – the tall Ancient Greek ceramic container. I love that she added circular stripes at the bottom for that modern, active edge.

Striped Woven Straw Bag - Rosie Assoulin

Striped Woven Straw Bag - Rosie Assoulin

By adding the elongated shoulder straps, this show-stopping straw bag will surely become your timeless summer staple.